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"The most beautiful village church of  the world"

Ansicht der schönsten Dorfkirche der Welt The church St. Peter and Paul had already been praised as "one of the most marvellous churches in Swabia" when it was built.
Nowadays thousands of pilgrams and tourist are paying their respect to the church, thus proofing that it has widely surpassed the borders of Swabia.
Steinhausen is known as a masterpiece of South-Germany's rococo period which has been captivating its visitors with its vitality, its lifelike/natural arrangements and finally/not to forget its merry and festive atmosphere throughout centuries.

The foundation of the first chapel took place around 1200 after Christ. In 1275 Steinhausen and Muttensweiler were named in the chronicle as correlating parishes and 1283 the name "Our Beloved Lady" first appeared.

The pilgrimage of  Steinhausen has never had a high rank, but was of a more regional importance. Nevertheless, on special high and holidays, however, The number of pilgrims grew tremendously.  On the "Dillinger Friday" there were several thousands.

The abbot of the monastery of Bad Schussenried Didacus Ströbele hired the brothers Dominikus (architect and master of stucco) and Johann Baptist Zimmermann (Frescoartist) to construct our church. In the years 1727 to 1733 "The most beautiful village church of the world" was built.

The significance ofthe church in Steinhausen is great. Therefore, one must not regard it as a precursor of the so-called "Wies"-Church. Steinhausen is the first church with an oval outline including a free-pillar-construction. Only by constructing the church in Steinhausen Dominicus Zimmermann would have become one of the most high-ranking German architects of the baroque age. 

Everybody who enjoys St. Peter and Paul only aesthetically fails to see the true nature of the church:
the theological, holy-historical content 
and artistic design require and intensify each other

The exterior possesses a spiritual meaning, 
the theological context appears in a sensual form
The lively interaction of both dimensions arises from the rewarding co-operation between the artists and the client  abbot Didacus Ströbele from Bad Schussenried who is to be credited for the theological consept.  This co-operation can be seen in the unusual animal-stucco joined with many and diverse flower-stucco.

more examples:
   ram head (23KB)   squirrel (10KB)    woodpecker (7KB)
magpie nest (8KB)  birds (13KB)  view to the altar (22KB) 
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The pilgrim to the mercy picture from the 15th century
maria.jpg (32098 Byte)
The mercy picture of the 15th century in front of the altar picture
Pieta with the picture at the altar (74KB)
The most important pilgrimage day (Friday after the Ascension Day) in the history of Steinhausen was the "Dillinger Friday". Up to now the origin of this name has not been clarified. The book "Steinhausen, Ein Juwel" by Kasper/Strache says details, i.e. 11 that is 13 groups of pilgrims. The pilgrimage to Steinhausen apparently ended with the beginning of the "Blood Ride" in Weingarten. 

Nowadays the pilgrimage to "Our Beloved Lady" reaches its peak on the 'painful friday' or "Marys pain". 
On Friday before Palm Sunday (next year friday, 27.03.2015) at 9.30 a.m. several hundred pilgrims celebrate a service to honor the holy Virgin Mary. 

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Services in the pilgram church St. Peter and Paul at Steinhausen

services at Sundays and feast-days at 10.15 a.m.

guided church tours only after previous enrolment.

More information:
priest's office Steinhausen
priest Dr. Baburaj Kakkassery
e-mail: KathPfarramt.Steinhausen@drs.de
Tel.: (+49) 7583 2377
FAX: (+49) 7583 942710
Ingoldinger Straße
88427 Bad Schussenried - Steinhausen
Office hours: Monday - Friday without Wednesday 09.00 - 12.00 am

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sacred music
 The church community Steinhausen and Muttensweiler are proud to have two sacred choirs.
1. church choir Steinhausen/Muttensweiler founded in 1850
for further information please change to the german site (Kirchenchor)

2. Gospelgroup Steinhausen founded in 1982 at rest since 2013

Concerts in the church of Steinhausen

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Die oberschwäbische Barockstraße (swabian baroque street)

Skizze der oberschwäbischen Barockstraße  

This sign wants to draw the attention to the
Upper Swabian Baroque Route opened 
on 18th June 1966. 
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Don't hestitate to send us questions or proposals to our homepage.
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